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We’ll help you save money and increase your home’s energy efficiency by installing a new heat pump. 

Heat pumps provide an alternative solution to a home’s climate control without relying on two separate systems for air conditioning and heating. Try a heat pump installation if you’re looking for a more energy efficient and cost-effective approach to keeping your family comfortable in your home all year.

Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free consultation with one of our heat pump specialists. Let us help you choose the smartest heat pump solution for your home

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is an energy efficient solution to heat and cool your home. Like central air conditioning, the heat pump sends cool air through your home during summer months. But unlike air conditioning, the heat pump also functions in cold weather by converting the air to heat that warms your home. When properly installed, a heat pump can cut your energy costs significantly because it requires far less energy than other heating systems.

  • Purchase a heat pump from Guru Service Group. We offer numerous brands, makes and models for you to choose from.
    If you’re looking for advice, just ask one of our heat pump specialists. Call today to schedule a free in-home heat pump consultation.
  • Not sure which heat pump to choose? To ensure you make the right choice, our knowledgeable sales team will help you understand the most important factors when choosing the best heat pump for your home.

Do you need a professional to install a heat pump?

Yes, this is a job for a professional!

Don’t settle for a substandard or unprofessional heat pump installation. Without the expertise of a licensed technician, you risk the need for expensive repairs and reducing your heat pump’s efficiency. In the long run, your added costs from the unprofessional heat pump installation will defeat the purpose of having an energy efficient heat pump altogether. 

To guarantee your heat pump’s longevity and cost-saving benefits, a professional technician must complete your heat pump installation.

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Our heat pump installation services

Guru Service Group is a team of licensed professionals with years of experience installing heat pumps and helping homeowners save money on their energy costs. 

Following a free consultation with one of our specialists, we’ll professionally install your new heat pump. After the energy-efficient heat pump installation is complete, your technician will explain the set-up and interface of your new heating system, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the product and how to use it. 

Our skilled and reliable installation specialists will provide personalized service to guarantee long-lasting and highly efficient climate control in your home. We’ll ensure your new heating and cooling system keeps your family comfortable for many years to come. 

Interested in a free in-home consultation about your heat pump installation? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our installation specialists. Financing is also available.

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