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Boiler Repair

We repair boilers of all makes, models and sizes. With our in house inventory and fully stocked vans, you will find that we can often complete repairs in a single visit in order to avoid wasting costly time and money searching for parts. When work is being done on your boiler, it is essential that a qualified licensed gas technician is doing the job. With Guru, you can always be sure that you are getting a licensed gas contractor with many years of experience. Let our technicians take care of your boiler problems with timely and safe boiler repair service.

Boiler Service

In the Lower Mainland, there are many homes using boilers for their hotwater and heating needs. Boilers are an excellent source of heating, but only if maintained properly. Your boiler should have an annual maintenance schedule to prevent issues occurring and to ensure a safe continues operation. When servicing your boiler, there are many aspects to take into account such as the type of boiler (high or mid efficiency) or the surrounding factors. We take these steps to ensure that your boiler receives the proper servicing package it requires. We provide complete system flushing, full burner clean out, carbon monoxide check, and natural gas leak checks, along with many other services according to the boiler service package that suits your needs.

Boiler Installation Surrey

Over the years, boilers become old, unreliable and even dangerous. Prior to this happening, they must be replaced. The average life of a boiler can depends on the types of piping it is uses. In the past within the Lower Mainland and Vancouver area, there were many homes piped using Poly-b piping. This type of piping is one of the main causes of premature failure of boilers installed in those homes. Luckily, Poly-b piping was banned and therefore, many newer homes, 15 years  and younger, are poly-b free.

When deciding the type of boiler to purchase, it is important to know the application for which the boiler is being used for, the size of boiler required and the type of piping the boiler will be connecting to.

For a free quote and consultation regarding boiler installation in Surrey, Delta and the Lower Mainland, give us a call and we will be happy to assist you.

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