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Some Plumbing Issues That Cannot Wait

We often get phone calls from people in a panic, whenever they’re facing major plumbing issues. Sometimes the water is pouring out of the ceiling, other times, a toilet may be flooding. Basements are another panic phone call we usually get, and rightly so. Water can cause serious damage to your home.  A phone call to a plumbing company in Surrey is the right thing to do in these situations. Here at Guru Service Group, we will outline a few problems that really cannot wait.

The Main Drain

If the main drain in your basement has any water or sewage backing up, this can be a situation that calls for an emergency. This means a breach or a significant block in the main waste pipe leading away from your house. This is something that only gets worse with time and needs a plumber right away. Having water back up in your basement is bad enough. Apart from damaging and ruining your walls, it is a significant health hazard and needs to be assessed right away.

Hot Water Tank Leak

A hot water tank leak can lead to other problems with your hot water tank, and it needs to be assessed by an experienced plumber. Any leaking pipe should be evaluated by us right away. Water leaking continuously into an enclosed area can cause major damage very quickly.

Sewer Backups

Sewer backups can not only pose a major inconvenience but can cause extensive property damage and pose a severe risk to your health, as well. Sewer backups can even render your entire plumbing system unable to drain appropriately. It needs to be addressed quickly by a professional to restore the function of your drains, appliances, and fixtures. You should call for emergency plumbing assistance if you experience a significant sewer backup that renders your plumbing unusable due to a blocked sewer line.

Overflowing Toilet

A blocked or overflowing toilet can pose a big problem. Though this one is okay to wait a day or so and not an appalling emergency, you should not wait for the issue to become serious over time. If you have tried everything and still can’t unblock your toilet, then you need to get a qualified plumber to help you out. Generally, the bathroom contents and water are not very sanitary and need to be removed quickly. We advise our customers to not wait on this one by just closing the lid, turning the water off, and hoping it’s all going to go away.

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