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How to Know If Your Boiler Needs To Be Replaced

With regular maintenance and by occasionally replacing parts, your boiler can last until it reaches a very old age. But eventually, your boiler will show signs that it needs to be replaced.

If your boiler is getting old and you suspect it won’t last much longer, you can look for clues to know if it’s time to replace it. Here are 6 warning signs that you might need a new boiler.

1. It frequently needs repairs

It’s normal for a boiler to require occasional repairs. But if your boiler needs to be repaired more than once a year, or if it regularly needs replacement parts, it might be time to replace it. Think about how much you’re spending on repairs and compare that to the cost of a new boiler. If a new boiler will save you money, then it’s worth the investment.

2. It’s becoming noisy

Typically, your boiler will make low-level sounds when it’s working properly. But when the sounds become noticeable, such as humming, vibrating or banging, this could be a sign of a larger problem. If you’ve noticed a change in the sounds your boiler is making, contact a professional to take a closer look. If the issue can’t be repaired for a reasonable cost, you might need to replace the boiler.

3. The flame is no longer blue

The flame in your boiler should be bright blue. If it now appears to be yellow or orange, this could be a sign of an urgent problem. The gas might not be lit completely, causing the boiler to malfunction, or carbon monoxide could even be leaking into your home. Contact a professional right away to determine if the problem can be fixed or if you need a new boiler.

4. It’s leaking

Your boiler should never leak water. If you notice water is leaking from the unit, a component inside the boiler is likely broken. It’s possible for most of these issues to be repaired by a professional technician. But if the problem goes unnoticed or unrepaired for too long, it might be too late to restore the boiler to proper working condition.

5. It’s giving off strange smells

Your boiler doesn’t produce smells unless there’s a problem. If you notice a nasty odour, such as sulfur or an eggy smell, you could have a gas leak. Turn off the boiler right away. Then contact a professional to have a look. Take the expert’s advice about the proper solution. It’s very likely your boiler will need to be replaced.

6. It’s not working as well as it used to

If you’ve been maintaining your older boiler with regular servicing, you should expect it to work properly and efficiently. But if it’s taking longer to warm up your home, or if it requires regular adjustments before it reaches the temperature you want, it could be on its way out. Have the boiler checked by a professional before making a final decision. But be prepared to replace the boiler if it can no longer be repaired.

For a professional’s opinion about the life expectancy of your boiler, contact Guru Service Group. We’re experts at heating services, providing honest advice to our clients about the right solutions for their homes. We’ll make sure you get the answers you need right away.

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