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5 Ways to Lower Your AC Costs This Summer

While the summer months seem to get hotter and hotter, your electricity bill is probably rising as much as the temperature. But you probably don’t want to turn off the AC when it’s hot outside. So, how can you keep cool this summer without breaking the bank?

We have five easy tips to help you reduce your electricity bill without turning off the AC:

Replace your HVAC air filters

Your AC runs by circulating air through its air filters. But when those air filters get dirty, the vents will become clogged and the system will no longer run smoothly. Even if you still feel cool air coming out of the unit, the system is working much harder to circulate air through those dirty filters.

To avoid wasting energy, replace your HVAC air filter every few months. If you have children or pets, consider replacing them more often. Since air filters are inexpensive and relatively easy to replace, it’s a smart solution to help you start saving money right away.

Service your AC unit

Sometimes your AC unit requires a more thorough cleaning and maintenance check to make sure it’s running efficiently. At least once a year, you should have the outdoor coils cleaned, check the unit’s voltage connections, and ensure you have enough refrigerant. However, don’t risk causing greater harm to your AC unit during these hot summer months. Hire a professional and reliable HVAC technician to get the job done right.

Upgrade or seal your windows

In many older homes with old windows, the cool air from your AC unit is likely escaping out the window. This can cause a tremendous waste of energy. If your home has old windows, consider installing energy-efficient windows. Although the new windows will require an upfront investment, you’ll save a lot of money on your energy bills for the rest of the summer, and through the winter as well.

If you don’t want to replace your old windows entirely, try repairing the leaks or cracks to prevent cool air from escaping your home. By caulking cracks and adding weather stripping to your windows, you can significantly reduce your energy costs.

Add insulation to your walls and attics

In addition to your old windows, your walls and attic could be wasting lots of energy by letting cool air escape from your home. To make your home more energy-efficient, hire a professional team to add proper insulation to your walls and attic.

Install a programmable thermostat

Advanced technology can help you save money without much effort. With a programmable thermostat, you can reduce energy usage by adjusting the temperature in your home while your asleep or away. Whether you program the thermostat yourself, upgrade your system to automatically adjust to your preference, or us an app to control every aspect of your home’s temperature, your smart thermostat will reduce your energy usage and costs.

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