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4 Common Signs You Need Boiler Repair or a New Installation

When winter comes around and the temperature drops, our boiler repair and installation heating systems come under a lot of strain very suddenly. A crucial part of a home heating system, boilers especially can be affected, often needing repair or even a whole new installation to fix old problems.

Getting ahead of the game on your boiler repair and installation is always recommended, but if an unexpected problem comes up, there are plenty of ways to diagnose and fix it with the assistance of professionals. Below, we list out 4 of the most common signs your boiler needs to be looked at.

  1. Lack of heat and hot water

If the water should be heating up, but what’s coming out of the taps is still icy cold then you should get your boiler looked at straight away. First, check the boiler pressure and thermostat, as one of these could be the main culprits. A licensed professional in boiler repair and installation will be able to assist in replacing any problematic parts.

  1. Low Pressure

A common reason for low pressure in your boiler is a hidden leak. Take a look at the pressure gauge – is it below 1? If so, there may be a problem occurring involving the pressure relief valve. Otherwise, see if you can observe a visible leakage, as this is often the cause. Either way, a boiler repair and installation specialist will be able to help.


  1. Strange Noises

Can you hear a gurgling noise coming from your boiler, similar to the sound your kettle makes right before it clicks off? If so, there may be an issue with kettling in your boiler. Over time, natural limescale build up can affect the transfer of water in the boilers heat exchanger. New boiler installation will likely not be needed, but repair in the form of a good flush-out can be performed by your service company.

  1. Pilot Light Out

Your boiler’s pilot light is the little gas flame which is used as the ignition source. On modern boilers this light rarely goes out, but it can be a common occurrence in older boilers. Inspect yours to see if your pilot light is still on, because if it has gone out, no heat will be produced. This is sometimes an indicator that the boiler’s thermocouple, which controls the supply of fuel in your boiler, may be burned out or malfunctioning.

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