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Why Maintaining Your Drains is Essential

Many people don’t give their drains much thought until a major problem occurs, whether this be an issue with their storm, or sewer drainage system.

Why Maintaining Your Drains is Essential

By this point, however, there is likely to be a sizeable amount of damage already done, possibly with an entire new drainage installation required. The majority of these serious problems can be easily avoided with regular maintenance, which makes proactive drainage cleaning an essential investment.

There are three common areas that a professional drainage installation and maintenance company focus on, which we will explain further below.

Video camera drain inspection

For those areas that are difficult or impossible to reach, a video camera drain inspection allows a professional team to analyze your drainage, or sewer systems, helping to identify if a new drainage installation is required. This can also point out any potential problem areas that you may face in the future, such as a damaged pipe.

A video camera drain inspection is an extremely useful tool to use, as it means you can gain a look at the problem without having to dismantle or excavate the drain in question. Without a video camera inspection, you might end up shelling out for a new drain installation, when it is actually not necessary.

Hydro jetting

The second main area for drain maintenance is hydro jetting, which is often used on outside drains once they become blocked. Blasting water at a very high pressure helps to release any blocked items, along with removing built-up dirt and debris, helping to return your drains to good working order.

Power snake

Any drainage installation and maintenance expert worth their salt, should have a high quality power snake at their disposal. This is one of the most effective methods of unblocking clogged drains and sewers.

Whether you are having issues with your storm drains, or sewer drains, hiring an expert in drainage installation and maintenance is the best way to ensure your pipes don’t spring any nasty surprises on you in the near future.

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