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Replacing Your Furnace

There are many reasons for replacing your furnace. Maybe your old furnace is on its last legs and you want to replace it before it malfunctions, leaving you without heat. Or worse, your furnace has already stopped working and repairing it does not make financial sense. Perhaps you’d simply like to replace your current furnace with a newer, more energy efficient model for better heating, as well as long term cost savings.

Replacing Your Furnace

If the furnace in your home is over 15 years old, it is most likely a single stage, 80% efficiency model, which will be inflating your gas, or power bill. Additionally, a single stage heater cannot always provide consistent heat across your whole house, leaving some rooms much colder than others.

The biggest advantages of new furnaces is their high efficiency and their environmental benefits as a result. Higher efficiency furnaces produce much more heat using the same amount of gas as older models. The reason for this is that new furnaces use a two stage heating element, unlike the old single stage elements. Two stage heaters use one heating element as the main source of heat, only relying on the second element to provide additional heat on very cold days. Using two elements allows the furnace to not have to run at 100% output all the time, enabling it to cut back on its gas intake.

If you’re keen on replacing your furnace with an electric heating system, then you’ll want a heater with a variable speed motor. Variable speed electric heaters will help you save significantly on your power bill by consuming much less power than your current electric furnace. The reason variable speed motors are so efficient is because they have a very high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). The higher the SEER the more energy efficient the unit is.

Installing a variable speed electric heater with the highest possible SEER, or a modern, two stage gas heater will ensure that your house stays at the perfect temperature for you, while still saving you money on your utilities bills.

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