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How to Protect Your Home This Winter from Plumbing Breakdown

Winters bring many plumbing issues with it. One of the biggest problems is the frozen of pipes due to excessive cold which can costs you nice money expenses. But there are many tips which you have to consider before winters which can help you to prevent your home from plumbing break down.

Frozen pipes can be dangerous for many reasons. Due to frozen pipes, you may lose access to water and burst causing severe water damage into your home and it can also cost you very high. If any pipe gets freeze into your home, you can contact Guru Service Group Surrey for an immediate solution.

Tips to Prevent Frozen Pipes:

Here we discuss some important tips to prevent frozen pipes:

1)            Open Cabinet Doors in Kitchens and Bathrooms: By keeping the cabinet doors open in kitchens and bathrooms especially in cold days/nights to keep warm air circulating the warm air around the pipes exposed to air can really help in preventing the pipes from getting freeze.

2)            Remove drain, and store, outdoor hoses: If you have any water pipe into your garden or garage with an open mouth is the big reason for your pipes getting freeze. By simply closing the open mouths of non-used pipes can really help you I preventing plumbing breakdown into your home.

3)            Keep Your Furnace Set to 60 Degrees or Above: Keeping the furnace temperature above 60 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the water flowing through the pipes so they don’t get freeze easily even during power outage.

Signs Your Pipes Are Frozen:

If you are not sure about the pipes that they are frozen or not, here are some signs that you can consider for recognition of frozen pipes:

  • If your drain or pipe smells different and more stinky.
  • If the flow of water is getting lower than usual.
  • Visible frost on the pipe.
  • Water coming out of from the pipe with different temperature.

You act to need quickly in case of frozen pipes to prevent burst pipe or water leak.

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If you need any kind of help related to any plumbing issue, feel free to contact Guru Service Group Surrey anytime. We are available 24*7 even on holidays and special days like Christmas etc. with no hidden charges. We come immediately to the spot and provide you an estimate of all the charges before starting the work. We rated as top 3 plumbing company in the area. Also, A rated by Better Business Bureau (BBB). Contact us today for your home plumbing inspection and make sure that you don’t get any issue during winters.

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