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How to Avoid Drain and Sewer Problems

Let’s face it, drain and sewer problems aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time, but there are methods and tips that you can employ to reduce their chance of happening.

How to Avoid Drain and Sewer Problems

While sudden breakages and unforeseen circumstances do sometimes occur, many of the drain and sewer problems seen by professionals could have been prevented by one method, or another.

Look for the signs

While some signs of drain and sewer problems can be hard to notice, others are much easier to spot. Drains that are continually clogging are one of the more obvious signs, while you should also seek professional assistance if you start to notice any foul smells coming from your sinks, or drains, or if they are just draining more slowly.

Another of the obvious signs is that your toilet is overflowing, with a plunger being a temporary fix to what is often a larger and more serious problem.

Discoloured pipes can also be another sign that a problem is imminent, so try to keep tabs now and again to check for any flaking or discolouration. Catching any of these problems early will make the repair process quicker, easier and cheaper than if you leave it until a major problem occurs.

Watch what you dispose

A large proportion of drain and sewer problems can be attributed to disposing of the wrong item down the drain, or sink. When it comes to the most common culprits, putting cooking oil, grease and fat down your drain is one of the most problematic practices.

Additionally, disposing of paper products, other than toilet paper, wipes and other supposedly flushable items down your toilet is not a smart idea, as it often leads to a blockage. This can be simply and easily avoided by throwing these items in the trash instead.

It is also recommended not to overuse your garbage disposal unit, as items such as meat trimmings and potato peelings commonly find themselves stuck here, where they can’t be fully broken down. This can damage your garbage disposal unit, while also causing potential blockages in your pipes.

Regular maintenance checks

One of the most effective methods for preventing drain and sewer problems is to have them regularly checked by a professional.

In doing this, you can rest safe and assured that your plumbing is in good working order, limiting the risk of a sudden problem when you need it least.

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