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3 Common Plumbing Problems in Your Kitchen

Whether it is plumbing in Surrey, Richmond, or another area, there are common plumbing problems that occur in kitchens, which can often be avoided.

plumbing problems

Ensuring that you are aware of these potential problems will help reduce your reliance on emergency plumbing in Surrey, or whichever area you are residing.

Clogged drains

Clogged or slowly-draining kitchen sinks are one of the most common problems that occur, though with the right procedures it can be almost entirely avoided.

While it is quick and easy to throw food remnants down the sink, this can certainly lead, or heavily contribute to, a clogged drain. A much more effective alternative is to have a food waste bin available, which you are then able to scoop your food remains into.

Once you do start experiencing clogged drains, don’t just ignore them. Either attempt to unclog it yourself, or the better course of action is to have a professional plumber complete the job.

Dripping faucet

A dripping faucet is an unwanted annoyance in many kitchens, causing more problems than just an irritating dripping sound.

This problem may relate to poor water pressure, or an older faucet which needs to be replaced. In either case, if you are not experienced, or comfortable with resolving this yourself, then it is highly recommended to leave it to professional plumber.

Leaky Pipes

Another problem with plumbing in Surrey that many residents have faced at some stage is leaky pipes in their kitchen.

The seriousness of this can range from a hardly noticeable leak, through to a severe hole or gap in a pipe. The key to an effective outcome is to locate and fix the leaky pipe as soon as possible, as it’s only going to become worse with time and the water leak can cause damage to your home.

Regular maintenance

Investing in a professional to perform a complete plumbing check once or twice a year is a smart idea too, as it helps to catch any problems early. This allows for simpler and more cost-effective repair jobs to be completed, helping you save time, hassle and money in the long run.

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