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Air Conditioner Installation

Looking to beat the heat this summer? Then now is the time to call Guru Service Group for AC Installation. Our AC Installation service includes:

  • Free in-home assessment to determine the cooling capacity required to cool your home.
  • Recommendation of High Efficiency AC Units which will meet your needs.
  • Professional Installation using quality parts and equipment.
  • Guaranteed workmanship – we are proud of our high quality service standards.

Not all HVAC equipment is created equal and some units are more efficient than others. As well, the floor plan and square footage of your home will determine the size and type of unit you require. Our experts will ensure that your new AC unit is as energy efficient as possible and is suited to your home’s size.

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Why Choose Guru for AC Installation?

Beat the heat and make your summer the most comfortable it can be, with a new energy efficient air conditioner for your home. Call Guru Service Group today!

At Guru Service Group, we make your hunt for the right air conditioner very easy. Our sales team will come to your home and perform a proper cooling calculation, to verify the cooling capacity needed for your home. Once that has been done, we can narrow down the choice for the air conditioner which will suit your needs. We install many brands and models of air conditioners and our experts will guide you on choosing the right product to meet your needs and efficiently cool your home.

With financing available you can take advantage of our free in-home furnace installation consultation and find out how you can help you stay cool this summer.

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Air Conditioner Installation services? Call 778-896-7252